Singing and dancing together like a family

 Bonsor Christmas party brings BACI together for the holidays
Ryan Rogers


Digging in at the Bonsor party

The event has grown from less than 100 people in a small room at the Bonsor Recreation Complex, to more than 400 people in three rooms, says Tanya.

The party is organized by the BACI management team, and the turkey dinner buffet is served by members of both the BACI and Sharing Our Future Foundation Boards. The event celebrates togetherness and the Christmas spirit, says Tanya.

“I think one of the best things we do at BACI is have really meaningful relationships and that’s between our family, friends, the individuals we serve, our staff, and everybody coming together to have that celebration,” says Tanya.

“It shows the strength, bonds and relationships that exist at BACI,” she adds.

BACI president Merrilyn Cook had a welcoming address to start the evening, followed by dinner and dancing.

Dancing up a storm

Tanya says the event is especially positive because everyone feels included.

“For some of the individuals we support, it’s difficult for them to join in with crowds, but somehow coming to the Bonsor party is an easy event for them,” says Tanya.

She says that the event is run like a well-oiled machine.

“We can put 400 people through for a buffet dinner in a manner of less than an hour,” she says.

She accredits the efficiency and success to the volunteers and board directors who spend hours working behind the scenes.

Celebrations like the Bonsor Party are a key part of BACI’s culture.  “During our recent strategic planning process, we met with BACI’s stakeholders to see what their hopes and dreams were for BACI, and to evaluate what we’re good at, what our assets are, and without fail, they all said: celebrations,” says Tanya.

Tanya says 2011 will see the finish of BACI’s new 5-year strategic plan, building upon the hopes and dreams sessions, and more parties.

She’s of course also looking forward to Dec. 16, 2011, when the Bonsor Christmas Party returns.

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The Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) celebrated what it does best at the annual Bonsor Christmas Party by bringing together the individuals they serve in a meaningful, family-like and inclusive celebration of 2010.  “It’s a highlight event that our folks and family look forward to each year,” says Tanya Sather, one of BACI’s co-executive directors.


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