News program aligns with approach to advance inclusion through innovation


Stories focus on BACI’s strengths and assets
Lisa Bailey

The Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) has launched a news program that reinforces its strengths-based approach to inclusion through innovation.

Co-executive director Richard Faucher says he’s excited by the opportunity to raise awareness and effect change by focusing on BACI’s collective assets and making them more visible.

He says the news program — one of numerous strategic actions planned to move inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities forward — reflects a shift in thinking away from needs-based approaches of the past that perpetuated a deficit perspective hindering inclusion.

“As an organization, we have got to behave differently if we want different results,” Richard says.

Hope and dreams of people supported through BACI

The organization must view itself as an agent of a huge talent pool with tremendous assets and introduce itself as an economic contributor with huge purchasing power, he says.

It must also promote itself as an innovative change maker with concepts and ideas ready to move forward.

Exploring new ways to make BACI’s collective assets more visible and leveraging them with community partners will further advance inclusion, Richard says.

“It’s true that as an organization — the people we serve, their families, the friends that are involved — we bring a tremendous amount of assets to the table in our communities. And so to be able to see ourselves as a contributor and also as an agent of social change with ideas and ways that could make a difference, it’s a good direction,” he says.

“We think that telling positive, strength-based stories fits right into what we’re all about. ”

Stories produced by Axiom News’ generative journalists appear every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on BACI’s Internet site.

Axiom, an independent news agency based in Peterborough, Ont., has also been contracted to publish the BACI Blast electronic newsletter every month and a print piece every three months.

Stories, based on brief interviews with people at all levels of the organization, will spotlight the strengths and assets that reflect BACI’s core values and support four key goals of its strategic plan. The stories will naturally focus on the people BACI supports, their families and friends, BACI’s employees and community partners, and the various innovative activities and initiatives that support inclusion.

Readers are invited to share story ideas by contacting the Axiom News newsroom at 800-294-0051, ext. 25, or e-mail lisa(at)

If you have feedback on this article, please contact the newroom at 800-294-0051, ext. 25, or e-mail lisa(at)


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