Employment discovery courses help deliver hopes and dreams


New 8-week curriculum supports those who want to work find jobs
Ryan Rogers

The Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) has launched a new curriculum designed to help the people they support find meaningful employment.

The employment service uses a person-centred discovery process to find employment options.

“That’s the approach we’re using for everybody who shows an interest in exploring employment as an option in their life,” says employment services manager Steve Withrington.

There are between 130 and 140 people who could potentially use this service, says Steve.

There are 16 people discovering employment opportunities right now, while 43 remain on a waiting list, he adds.

“By those figures alone you can tell there’s a surge of interest and the hope that this is going to be the answer to a lot of people’s wishes.

And it may well be it helps people put the rest of their lives in perspective because a lot of people have not had the opportunity to get real work for real pay,” he says.

The 16-module course runs over an eight-week period focusing on communications skills, life management skills, interpersonal skills, decision-making skills and workplace preparation skills.

There are seven people following the employment discovery curriculum, which runs five days a week.

The curriculum also involves a “roll-on, roll-off process” so if someone is successful in gaining employment mid-way through the eight weeks, they can step out, and someone new can step right in.

Attendee Shannon LeClair, who completed one week of the course, says that she’s learning a lot.


“I’m having fun meeting new people and getting to know the employment program,” says Shannon.

She wants to get a job at a coffee shop that’s close to her home.

“I’m excited to start a job and make the money, honey,” she says.

Shannon wants to save up her money to go on a vacation to Cuba.

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