Joan’s new apartment offers new opportunities


Improved health, community activity, self-confidence enhanced since moving into her new apartment
Deron Hamel

Joan, a senior citizen accessing services from the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI), has been flourishing in the year since she moved into a seniors’ apartment block, says support worker Habiba Ratansi.

Before moving into her assisted-living apartment, Joan was living in a block where her needs were not being met, says Habiba, adding that since BACI helped her move into her new apartment, Joan “has been doing very well” and is in better health, is more involved with the community and has more self-confidence.

As her support worker, Habiba played an important part working with Joan to make the transition from her old apartment to her new one.

They made arrangements to move Joan’s belongings and to get her new furniture, as well as working with her to get her settled into the seniors’ apartment block.

“There were so many little things (that had to be done),” Habiba tells the BACI Blast.

Habiba adds that by working together, the duo made sure Joan would once again be active in her new community.

Still, Joan wanted to maintain some connections to the neighbourhood where she previously lived, so arrangements were made to ensure she still had those connections, such as continuing to do her banking at the same location, notes Habiba.

Habiba says that with a new lease on life, Joan is taking the bull by the horns and is setting goals for herself. More than anything, she’s looking forward to doing some travelling, says Habiba.

This summer, Joan says she is looking forward to visiting a friend in Summerland, B.C. Her next goal is to travel to England to visit family.

Asked how it makes her feel to be able to help make such a positive impact on someone’s life, Habiba doesn’t hesitate in her reply.

“It’s like a paycheque,” she says. “It’s so good to see (Joan) doing so well.”

And what does Joan say about the services provided by BACI?

“BACI has been like my family,” she says.

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