Nirmal Bains says her life quality has increased in 3 weeks


New apartment is providing her with more privacy, control, self-confidence, she saysDeron Hamel

Nirmal Bains says living in her own apartment for the past three weeks has resulted in her having increased privacy, more control over decision making and enhanced self-confidence.

She explains to the BACI Blast the difference that living on her own has made.

“I have more privacy, I have more space, I have my own kitchen and I can cook for myself and I can learn how to cook,” says Nirmal, who is accessing services from the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI).

Nirmal says what she likes best about living on her own is the “peaceful” and “relaxed” atmosphere in her apartment. She says she also likes the fact that she can decorate her apartment the way she wants — something that’s important to her.

Having her own apartment, Nirmal adds, has also resulted in enhanced self-confidence, given that she now has more responsibilities.

Her apartment is close to shopping centres and supermarkets, which are added conveniences, she notes.

Before moving into her own Burnaby apartment, Nirmal was living in shared accommodation, so her new living arrangement represents a significant change in her life, she says.

Nirmal is also taking classes in developmental studies and English at Douglas College and making new friends.

Ilona Kosciecha is a BACI support worker who works with Nirmal. Ilona says when she and Nirmal began working together, one of Nirmal’s goals was to find her own apartment.

The pair approached BC Housing, which provided assistance in finding Nirmal her apartment.

Ilona says she has also seen improvements in Nirmal’s life quality since she moved into her new apartment Feb. 1 and began her studies.

“She is very excited,” says Ilona.

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