BACI throws full support behind Burnaby’s social sustainability strategy


Inclusion is a ‘major pillar’ of draft plan, says executive director
Monday March 28, 2011 — Kristian Partington

Last week the City of Burnaby released its draft Social Sustainability Strategy for public consultation, and the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) is throwing its full support behind the document.

BACI executive director Richard Faucher says he couldn’t be happier to see that inclusion is being recognized as one of the main pillars of a sustainable social fabric.

“For us, as an organization that’s been promoting the advancement of inclusion for more than 50 years for people with disabilities, it’s quite an exciting time,” he says.

And he notes the document isn’t just promoting inclusion for people with disabilities, but for all who may be marginalized.

“Burnaby has a fairly significant community of new citizens, and so to live in a place that will have a commitment to inclusion will benefit everybody,” says Faucher.

“I think that creating better communities by being more connected, more inclusive, and more confident around disability, as well as with new citizens, it’s something that the city has recognized as really important.”

Faucher says other cities could look to Burnaby as an example of a progressive community, in the sense that its economic strategy and its social sustainability strategy both recognize inclusion as a viable contribution to growth.

“Building good neighbourhoods and neighbourhoods that care for one another . . . is important, and for us, as an organization, we definitely applaud this,” says Faucher.

“We’ll definitely want to make it publicly known that we strongly support the social sustainability plan, which holds community inclusion as one of the main strategies, and we’re looking at extending our voice to the city,” he says.

Faucher says he hopes BACI can continue to work with the city in developing the plan and he urges all supporters to let their voices be heard.

Public consultations are scheduled between March 29 and April 11. For more information on the draft strategy, please call 604-294-7421.

If you have questions or comments please call 800-294-0051, ext. 24, or e-mail kristian(at)

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