Accreditation should be a ‘point of celebration’


Executive director excited and prepared for upcoming accreditation survey
Friday April 29, 2011 — Ryan Rogers

Burnaby Association for Community Living (BACI) executive director Tanya Sather says staff members and management should be excited for the upcoming accreditation that begins May 16.

“I think that when you approach anything like an evaluation, if you go into it as a point of celebration and talking about showing what’s working, and all the great things going on, it can be a really positive experience,” says Tanya.

Tanya says she’s looking forward to welcoming the four surveyors from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

“They’ll come and basically do a 360-degree review of the organization,” she says, adding that they will interview the people BACI supports, its staff, board members, family members, community partners, and even funders.

“It’s a busy few days,” she says.

This will be BACI’s third survey. Each time they’d received the highest award of a three-year accreditation.

“We’re fully expecting that once again,” says Tanya.

“They’ll look at our policies, services and strategic plan, health and safety practices, person-centred care practices and they’ll look at our programs from the infant development program, to our child-care centres, to our adult services,” says Tanya.

“They’ll even look at our governance.”

The findings are cross-referenced against internationally set standards in comparable areas.

She says BACI has performed a policy and procedure review, has updated handbooks, and conducted emergency preparedness training to make sure the organization is ready and prepared for the survey.

She says she hopes staff members are excited about the accreditation process.

“I’m hoping they’re looking forward to celebrating and telling the surveyors all the great things happening at BACI,” she says.

“I’m hoping people are looking forward to getting some feedback and some recommendations, because it’s always about quality improvement and getting better.”

During the accreditation it will be business as usual, but staff members should be prepared to be available for interviews or documentation reviews.

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