Accreditation highlights the importance of tangible proof


Clean data and documentation help improve the quality of services
Friday May 6, 2011 — Ryan Rogers

Manager of outreach and integrated family services Lyn King says the accreditation process this May is about proving what BACI does, but it’s also about improving the quality of services.

Lyn says all documentation and paperwork performed throughout the years pays off during accreditation, as it provides tangible proof of the good work being done.

“Accreditation has helped us make the agency more professional, and we provide a high quality of services here at BACI,” she says. “We’re well known for being a place that is person-centred and tries to meet the individual needs of the people we support.”

The documentation assists in verifying that BACI is at the high standards they expect, but it also helps measure and improve the quality of services offered.

Lyn says the outreach and integrated family services is very goal-oriented, and accurate documentation helps ensure that the people they support are meeting their goals.

A staff member has recently introduced his experience with statistical analysis to help measure the results from some of BACI’s courses, and Lyn says they’ve discovered “great improvements in people’s skill sets.”

“We haven’t really done that in the past,” says Lyn. “We’ve asked the people we support how they think the course went, but not tested what they had learned. We were able to show that this particular style of course and curriculum worked well with the population and we got good results.”

Lyn says these results reinforce to staff the value of lesson plans, curriculum and particular ways of teaching. She adds that this is the first time they’ve had tangible results to show the progress they make in developing skills.

“We knew people were doing better in various areas, but we didn’t have any data — now we do,” says Lyn.

“My dream would be that out of accreditation people understood the importance of documenting the important stuff about people,” says Lyn. “The value of what’s really happening for people so we can see whether we’re doing anything to meet people’s goals.”

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