Adult support worker proud to make a difference


Aki ‘comes out of his shell’ after building new relationship
Monday May 9, 2011 — Ryan Rogers

Shane Cadogan says his career as an adult support worker has been rewarding. It’s allowed him to travel the world, meet some great characters and there’s a lot of room for manoeuvring within the industry.

But Shane’s his career is especially rewarding when he can see the transformation in the people he supports, like Aki.

Aki and Shane met when Shane joined the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) in January 2009 after moving from Ireland. Shane says he’s fortunate to have worked with Aki ever since.

Within six weeks of meeting one another, Shane and Aki found Aki a job, and he really began to “come out of his shell,” says Shane.

Aki’s grown from someone who was very shy, wouldn’t speak and was constantly running away from support staff, to someone who’s learning to live independently with a paying job that he’s excelling at, so much so he earned a raise about a month ago.

“He’s doing so well and he’s more social because of it,” says Shane. “He’s interacting more with people and a lot more at ease with himself.”

“It’s been very rewarding,” he adds. “I feel that I’ve helped a big part in changing someone’s life around.”

Aki works at a tile supply company and ships samples around North America for architects and interior designers.

“It’s been just great to give someone a new lease on life and watch them come out of their shell, and get a paycheque at the end of the week,” says Shane.

Aki’s goal has been to gain more independence and his job has helped him understand finances. Aki’s paycheque has become a symbol of “good times ahead,” says Shane, because it means Aki can buy some music and go out to a restaurant for lunch on payday.

“It’s gone from something he’d nearly lose to something he smiles about when he gets his paycheque,” adds Shane.

By establishing a routine, eliminating temptations and decreasing stress, Aki has taken great strides to living independently.

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