‘Little details’ during a Monopoly game pay off


Supervisor reassured and rewarded by a child’s comments
Monday June 13, 2011 — Ryan Rogers 

It was during a regular board game when Amanda Walters, supervisor at the Brentwood Park Elementary out-of-school services, realized what a difference the little things she does can have on the children she supports.

A boy she was playing Monopoly with mentioned that he preferred to have the dice handed to him rather than tossed for him to pick up. Amanda passed the dice to him for the rest of the game, and remembered his request the next time they played as well.

During a self-esteem activity the next week, Amanda says the staff and children each drew names of others in the class with the task of sharing something they like about each other. Amanda’s name was drawn by the boy, and he said, “I like that Amanda listens.”

He was asked to give an example, and he responded by expressing his appreciation that Amanda paid special attention to hand him the dice during Monopoly.

She says the positive feedback about the “little things” was reassuring and rewarding.

“It just takes the littlest thing to make somebody’s day,” says Amanda.

“It takes a certain type of person to sit there and listen to the small qualities and small things and redo those things,” she says. “It was a positive overall experience.

“It just reassured me and reinforced that I should be doing this. I want every child to have that experience and know that their voices are being heard.”

Whether a child mentions a dance recital or a hockey game they’re attending over the weekend, Amanda says she’ll follow up with them on Monday, ensuring they feel continually supported.

Children feel they have a safe place and someone they can trust when they feel like they’re being listened to, she says.

“They’ll look back on their memories of school and remember that we took that extra effort, and it’ll be special to them.”

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