Cooking class pitches in for BACI Summer Barbecue


400 cupcakes prepared for diversity-themed annual celebration
Monday June 20, 2011 —
Ryan Rogers 

Eight eager culinary pupils from the Still Creek Education Centre’s cooking class will be making a big contribution to the BACI Summer Barbecue on June 24 by providing 400 cupcakes.

Adult service worker Melanie Ratard says the students have been mixing batter and baking cupcakes for three weeks leading up to the annual event.

When participants expressed their interest to bake, Melanie obliged, but it presented a challenge.

With eight students each making 20 cupcakes, Melanie had to figure out what to do with all those baked goods, especially since the students repeat the recipe the next week, which encourages familiarity with the tools and process.

After a brief moment of exacerbation, she realized they could save the cupcakes for the BACI Summer Barbecue.

“They’ve done a fantastic job of making the cupcakes,” says Melanie, adding that the students have become “very proficient” in pouring the batter, following the recipes and gaining confidence with the hand-mixers and electrical kitchen appliances.

She says freezers had to be cleared out to make way for the hundreds of cupcakes, which presented an opportunity to serve the leftovers from previous meals to a social club that meets on Thursday nights at the centre.

Staff members will have to scramble the morning of the barbecue to put cream cheese icing on the carrot-cake cupcakes, and chocolate icing on the chocolate cupcakes.

This year the theme of the barbecue is “diversity,” and Melanie says all the staff members participate by running the popcorn machine, handing out beverages, or manning different activity booths.

Attendees will be able to get their fingernails painted, receive henna tattoos (Mehndi), or have their picture taken.

There will be performances by hired entertainers, as well as multicultural dances by some of the people that BACI supports.

Many of the families of the people BACI supports attend the barbecue as well.

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