Enthusiastic celebration of diversity


Summer barbecue features cultural diversity shared by the people BACI supports
Friday June 24, 2011 — Ryan Rogers

It’s only three hours once a year, but BACI’s annual summer barbecue is an enthusiastic celebration where everyone is welcome to share their gifts and embrace diversity.

Diversity and multiculturalism is the recurring annual theme for the party, encouraging all the people BACI supports to bring forward and share elements of their culture.

Senior manager Karey Degenova for the community and housing development says the best part of celebrating is watching the people they support, who can sometimes be very shy, come out of their shells.

“We just realize we’re all different, but we’re all part of a big family,” she says, adding that the barbecue features many elements that were encouraged by the people BACI supports.

She says they are proud to share about their cultures, whether it’s an ethnic dance routine or taste-testing the food they eat at home.

There will be a belly dancer and an artist providing henna tattoos, who were both invited to the barbecue through their connections with the people BACI supports.

A fire-spinner, musical guests and a drumming circle are also featured at the celebration, while M&M Meat Shops provides the food for the barbecue.

Celebration is a fundamental part of the BACI experience.

“When we did our strategic planning, celebration is the one common theme that came up with each stakeholder group,” says Karey. “One of the first things that each group mentioned was that celebration was important to them.”

The annual summer barbecue is the second largest celebration of the year, only trumped by the Bonsor Christmas Party. Karey says their Halloween Party is growing as well.

“The Halloween party’s becoming huge,” she says. “We don’t have a facility big enough to hold everybody anymore.”

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