Fundamental approach develops unique plans for support


Person-centred planning helps build on successes
Wednesday July 20, 2011 — Ryan Rogers

At the foundation of the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) services and support for individuals is the application of person-centred planning, which proactively identifies the goals and dreams of the people they support.

Before any planning, the individuals BACI supports are asked who they would like to involve in the planning process. 

People who are closest to the individual, like support staff, family and caregivers, are then invited to be a part of the process to help identify what’s most important to the individual.

Because each individual has varying levels of ability, their goals and dreams can be as personal and individualized as they are. Once their hopes and ambitions are discovered and documented, support staff, family and caregivers document what steps they plan to take to achieve those goals.

“Our individuals’ goals can be long or short term, ranging from a major vacation to going to school and finding meaningful employment,” says manager of housing and development Karey Degenova.

The team develops an individualized plan which considers who should be involved in supporting the individual to help them reach their goals. Documentation through the process is integral to review the steps along the way, and track the results.

At these meetings, the people BACI supports are asked what they want to get out of their lives, and how they want to live, whether it’s in a residential home, in the life-sharing program, or in a semi-independent suite.

The program gives them these choices.

The person-centred care strategy also presents employment options, and can help start a process to get the individuals in a position to work.

“It’s asking the person, what do you want, what do you need, who do you think you need to get there, what kind of help do you want, and what kind of life do you want?,” she says.

The plans are constantly monitored by supervisors and managers, to see how or why an individual is or isn’t meeting their goals, whether it’s because they’ve changed their mind, or because they need additional support.

“You can always add new goals,” says Karey. The plans are reviewed after a year to see the progress made, and new goals are added, building upon the success achieved through the planning.

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