Management and staff supporting individuals to gain more independence


‘We’re moving forward trying to create as inclusive a society as possible’
Friday August 5, 2011 — Ryan Rogers

Supervisor of day services for the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) Lana Beblow says many of the individuals the association supports are saying they’re looking to increase their independence.

The person-centred planning puts the individuals BACI supports in charge of identifying their goals, and it’s where plans to achieve those goals are developed.

“My job is working for the individuals,” she says. “They’re the ones who are telling me what to do, or are telling me what I should be doing, and whatever they want is what I have to do.

“That’s why I like this organization, it’s so person-centred, and there’s no question that we’re moving forward trying to create as inclusive a society as possible.”

She says the planning exposes what’s important to the individuals they support.

“Do they want recreation five days a week, or are there other areas that they themselves want to work at?” she says.

“For a lot of them it’s independence.”

She says helping individuals earn independence or other goals is achieved by taking one step at a time, and when their goals are reached, it’s a powerful moment.

Lana says the association is “very willing” to divert resources and reallocate staff members when necessary, so some individuals can have one-on-one support to help them fulfill their goals.

“Management is very supportive as well, so if someone needs to reach a goal and they need a bit more resources, we do everything we can to make it happen,” says Lana.

Lana says one woman in the life-sharing network’s long-term goal is to own a cat. She wants to get a house and move in with a roommate so she can own a cat, because she can’t have one where she lives now.

“This isn’t going to happen overnight,” says Lana. “It’s going to take some planning, but we’ll have meetings and we’ll address the issues. We’ll do what we can to make sure it happens.”

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