Summertime celebrations brings out-of-school children together


3 weeks of bus trips take children to see grizzly cubs, amusement parks and waterslides
Friday August 12, 2011 —
Ryan Rogers

The idea had always been there, but this summer was the first time all of the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion’s (BACI) out-of-school care programs came together for a barbecue.

Supervisor Maryam Naddaf at the Suncrest Out-of-School Care Centre says around 80 people united in July for the first of two summer barbecues.

Maryam began working at Suncrest when it opened, and used to work at the 12th Avenue Out-of-School-Day Care Centre. She says one of the best parts about having all the centres come together was reuniting with her former students.

She adds that many of the children at the Suncrest Centre attend the same school as the South Slope Centre, and they were able to play together that day.

The second barbecue will feature a bouncy castle and face painting.

She says the summer has been “really fun,” and that they’ve been able to make good use of their three weeks’ access to a bus provided by BACI, which has taken them to beaches and lakes as well as Splashdown Park, Playland Amusement Park and Grouse Mountain.

Maryam says the trip to Grouse Mountain was exciting because the children got to enjoy a rare bird show, see retired movie-star wolves and visit the bear refuge for orphaned Grizzly cubs. She says they enjoyed the cable car ride as well.

“We had some new kids and they’ve had parents come in to us telling us that the kids are very happy with the daycare and the programs,” says Maryam.

“One of them came in and said her five-year-old said, ‘I don’t ever want to change my daycare, I love it.’ So that’s good to hear.”

Suncrest is BACI’s newest out of school centre, opening in October 2010, making this its first summer program.

They’re growing in September, with at least eight new students joining them, and another staff member coming onboard for Suncrests’ second year of operations.

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