Western Potash Corp. donates $12,000 to BACI


Funds will be invested to help BACI deliver on its strategic plan
Wednesday August 24, 2011 — Ryan Rogers

The Vancouver office of Western Potash Corp. raised $12,000 for the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) at its inaugural Western Potash Golf Tournament, providing funds to invest in the Centre’s community engagement and the infant physiotherapy programs.

“I have to say a big thank you to the CFO (chief financial officer) Troy Nikolai, of course, for putting BACI on the map with Western Potash,” says executive director Richard Faucher.

“He’s been a friend of BACI for a long time,” says Richard, adding that Western Potash has contributed to BACI for several years, specifically toward funding infant physiotherapy.

The funds will be invested into helping BACI fulfill its strategic plan.

“It also allows us to be flexible,” says Richard.

“When we get money from the government these days, it’s allocated to certain areas . . . but when it’s dollars that come with very little strings attached, it’s nice that we can dedicate those dollars towards areas that we know typically are underfunded or are suffering.”

He says the some of the donation will be put towards children’s services, some towards the summer program that was underfunded this year due to a lack of federal grants, and some will be invested in BACI’s strategic plan and advancing community partnership this year.

“We might want to put some resources towards trying to engage the community in the conversation around inclusion,” says Richard, adding that they might now be able to invite a guest speaker or someone to facilitate a conversation with the Centre’s community members.

“Western Potash’s generosity is much appreciated by the families we serve,” he says. “They are much more than a mining development company. They are a good corporate citizen.”

Western Potash (WPX) is a junior mining company engaged in the evaluation and mine development of potash mineral properties.

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