Lunch, antiques, walk-in fridges and a chef’s tour entertains 12th Avenue children


Outings mark summer highlights for parents and children in out-of-school care
Friday August 26, 2011 — Ryan Rogers 

A behind-the-scenes tour of New Westminster’s Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant stands out for the for the children at the 12th Avenue Out-of-School Care centre from the active summer of recreational, physical and education events.

Supervisor Moira Stubbs says amidst the trips to water parks, the Playland Amusement Park and bowling, the children were very excited to tour the Old Spaghetti Factory and meet the chef.

Moira says parents are often interested to hear about the outings the children take, especially when it’s to something they wouldn’t normally do with their kids.

The restaurant trip was interesting because of an exhibit of antiques which served as a small museum for the children. Several antiques, including old bicycles, a streetcar and an old washing machine were on display.

The children also got to see inside the kitchen and learn how the food was prepared from the chef at the restaurant.

“They were very impressed, and the chef was very nice, and she spoke to the kids with how everything’s made, and gave them the rundown,” says Moira.

They also got to see inside the walk-in fridge and freezer, before having lunch together.

The day trips are the highlight of the summer, but when they stay at the centre, the kids still have fun.

“We keep really busy and have lots of fun together, especially when we have nice weather,” Moira says.

“We had ‘Survivor Week’ last week, and we do water fun days, where we play out in our big grass field and have big water games and a slip-and-slide,” she says. “We rotate when we go out on outings and when we’re in the centre.”

She says they like to “mix it up” and “have a good balance” between outings, activities and downtime.

“Some days it’s very go, go, go, and other days we come back and relax and hang out and parents really appreciate that as well,” says Moira.

“The parents just like that the kids come back happy and they tell their parents about their outings and stuff that they’ve done,” says Moira.

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