Fitting job helps employee ‘blossom’


Confidence, independence and responsibility spring from BEST program
Wednesday September 7, 2011 — Ryan Rogers 

Sharon Zuniga says her son Esli, 27, has “blossomed” since he earned a regular shift with Game on Sports through the support of the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion’s (BACI) employment services and training (BEST) program.

Sharon says Esli has become more confident, independent and responsible since earning his job.

Esli proved himself by completing a six-week trial period with the sporting goods retailer, and was officially hired to take regular working shifts.

The job at Game On Sports is a good fit because Esli has always been passionate about sports.

“I’m really happy he’s got this,” says Sharon. “Now he’s got this great sense of independence. And I think that since he started working now, he’s an independent young man.”

Esli has been associated with BACI since he was young, and has demonstrated ambition through his volunteering and community involvement.

Sharon says he’s “always done well” with volunteering and his ambition proved to her that he could make a great employee, and he was vocal about his interest in finding work.

“He kept wanting a job, wanting a job, wanting a job, so the workers here (at BACI) all set up this new program (BEST), which I think is great, and they got him this job,” says Sharon.

“It’s good for him, and I’m happy about it because he’s happy when he’s working,” says Sharon.

“I’ve seen him progress in maturity and I was very happy to see that,” she adds. “(The job) just makes him feel important and I feel proud of him, and I’m so happy that he’s got work, and he can finally say he’s got a job.”

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