Rich experiences and generous donations make a difference


Employees, children and donors make the summer of 2011 a success
Wednesday September 14, 2011 — Ryan Rogers 

Rewarding opportunities, rich experiences and generous donations have brought inspiration, self-confidence and new opportunities to the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) and the people it supports.

BACI’s employment services and training (BEST) program helped some of the people it supports to find fitting jobs, which have helped raise self-confidence and independence.

The BEST program helped Derek Pastro build a competitive resume, apply for a job at Home Depot and supported him through the interviewing process where he ultimately beat-out 200 other applicants for the position.

Esli Zuniga has also found success with the BEST program as he’s found a job with Game on Sports. Esli has gained confidence and taken on more personal responsibilities since earning the job.

While the BEST program was helping the people BACI supports to find jobs, the out-of-school-care programs were taking children out on recreational and educational field trips.

Supervisor Moira Stubbs from the 12th Avenue Out-of-School Care program says the children’s summer was highlighted by visiting the Old Spaghetti Factory in New Westminster where they met the chef and took a tour of the kitchen, produce fridge and walk-in freezer.

Supervisor Lesley Cannon at the Variety Hotelier House Children’s Centre in Burnaby says their out-of-school-care program’s summer was highlighted by the generous donation of about $50,000 that led to the installation of a beautiful new garden.

Contractors took six weeks in the early summer to install a new gazebo, playhouse, climbing logs, pathways and fences with a wooden theme that provides a natural activity area for the children.

Small chairs and a table that match the logs were also added to the garden, which features long grasses and an arbour that provides shade while children play in the sandbox.

BACI was also very appreciative in received a $12,000 donation from the Vancouver office of Western Potash Corp. from its inaugural charity golf tournament.

The funds provide flexibility to fulfill BACI’s strategic plan and invest in the Centre’s community engagement and infant physiotherapy programs.

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