BACI looks to convene collaborators to enhance community inclusion


Inclusion Through Innovation awards building momentum toward positive social change
Monday October 3, 2011 — Ryan Rogers

Executive director Richard Faucher for the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) says the Burnaby community is primed and ready to step up to the table and join in on the inclusion discussion, and he’s looking to leverage BACI’s resources to take it to the next level.

“We work in a city that has identified inclusion as a pillar in their social sustainability plan, so we decided to engage that,” says Richard.

BACI is looking to draw more attention to the actions individuals and organizations in the Burnaby community are taking with the Innovation Through Inclusion awards to be presented at the BACI Ball on Nov. 3.

Inviting all members of the community into the discussion is essential, Richard says.

“If we want to make positive social change we really need to collaborate, and that’s not just social service providers like the Burnaby Association, but the business community, the families, the people, the city, everybody has a role to play in it,” says he. “We’re hoping opening these awards up will lead to that.”

Richard sees BACI being a convenor of collaboration in a way that can lead to innovation, and the awards will showcase the good work being done in the community, creating awareness and motivation to collaborate and innovate.

“If we want to solve our social problems, we’re going to need to collaborate and not just in the social service sector, we’re going to have to expand to bring everybody to the table to talk about inclusion in a different way,” Richard says.

BACI had success with inviting community stakeholders into the discussion during its strategic planning, where community members of many types stepped up to share their thoughts on the association.

“The more we reach out and try to engage, the more people who will be engaged,” he says. “BACI sees itself as a real place where we can convene people to discuss things that are important like inclusion, and hopefully expand to all people.”

The deadline for nominations to the Inclusion Through Innovation awards is Oct. 14, and the form can be found by clicking this link.

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