BACI personal trainer sharing his passions for the holidays


Fit and healthy attitude well-received at Day Services
Monday November 28, 2011 — Ryan Rogers 

Former professional bodybuilder and professional trainer Adwin Krishna is turning to his passions to raise donations of food and unwrapped toys for the Burnaby Christmas Bureau by offering free training seminars until Christmas Eve.

He recruited his colleagues, personal trainer Brian Wong and owner of Champion Athletic Club in Maple Ridge, B.C., Steve Mogahri, and they’re sharing their expertise for all interested in exchange for donations for less fortunate families. All three are championship bodybuilders.

Through the examples set by his parents and high school teachers, Adwin’s been volunteering since he was 14 years old, gathering food donations for less fortunate families for more than 20 years.

You can sign up at the front desk of the Champion Athletic Club or call Adwin at 604-556-6316.

Adwin Krishna is a three-division champion bodybuilder, winning as a lightweight, welterweight and middleweight. He’s offering a free nutrition, training and health seminar in exchange for donations of food and unwrapped toys this Christmas.

Adwin’s been using his passion for fitness to make a difference in his work as an intensive adult service worker with the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion, as well.

Five individuals he supports in the Community Options 2 program have been getting out and exercising, spending energy and it’s been making a difference.

“Some are losing fat, gaining strength, and they’re being more confident and putting on some muscle,” says Adwin, adding he’s helping with their diet.

“Overall, their well-being is improving for sure. They’re more positive, there’s less aggression, and I’d say they’re happier.”

“I take them out in the community and started a training program with a few of them,” says Adwin. “I take them for weights, swimming, running on the track, nature walks and hikes – things like that.”

He’s looking to provide more stretching, deep breathing, and he’s tried yoga to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Adwin says he’s encouraged by the positive body language and attitudes he sees from the people he supports.

He’s thinking outside the box and offering stretching and deep-breathing exercises to find engaging and interesting ways to keep the programming fresh.

“We’re just starting floor hockey, and want to continue with the weight program,” says Adwin, adding plyometric and isometric exercises to bring higher levels of fitness to the people he supports.

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