Social media essential to building social movements


Technology manager passionate about using social innovation to influence inclusion
Monday December 5, 2011 — Ryan Rogers

After the Non-Profit Partners Summit hosted by the B.C. government on Nov. 25, Lisa Trick says she’s excited to be a citizen of Vancouver and part of a community of people who “really care about the world they live in.”

Lisa, the manager of technology, design and user experience for BACI, says the summit excited her to think B.C. could be become a “better version of itself” through the successful implementation of social innovation.

“I believe social innovation is based on the law of your own two feet – if you want to do something, you stand up and do it yourself,” says Lisa.

“It’s good that there are enough people at BACI who were there to really hear about the larger movement and go back as an organization and say how we want to influence inclusion, which is what we’re really passionate about here.”

A score of representatives from BACI attended the summit including executive director Richard Faucher, senior manager of communications and resource development Carol Broomhall, assistant manager of finance Adam Gartland, senior manager of social and economic inclusion Kevin Lusignan, and manger of human resources and quality assurance Lisa Thomson.

Lisa says learning how social innovation helps create movements around inclusion is essential for facilitating a more inclusive society.

Technology and social media are essential to building those movements.

Lisa says there is room for more conversation on using technology and social media as a platform for innovation.

There are strong examples of some organizations making good use of social media to build momentum, like the website, run by Ashoka, a global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs.

The site hosts collaborative online competitions to identify and connect the best social innovators and implementers, competing to surface the most promising solutions and collaborating to refine, enrich and implement them.

The BC Advisory Council for Social Entrepreneurship is allowing contributors to share their perspectives on social innovation on their website. Using Google Docs – a free, web-based office suite and data storage service – the organization is inviting everyone to contribute to its discussion document called Together: Respecting the Future.

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