Fall tea provides social event and networking opportunity for parents


Seniors and their adult children invited to twice-annual luncheon
Friday December 9, 2011 — Deb Bartlett

The tea and luncheon held for senior parents is one of the fall highlights at the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI).
It was a successful event, attended by about 90 people on Nov. 20.

Adult outreach worker Habiba Ratansi says the tea is a time for parents to socialize, as do their adult children.

The luncheon is also a networking opportunity for the parents to talk about issues that may be affecting them, says Habiba.

“It’s like a social, but its purpose it to have them gather information for making life better for their children,” she says.

It’s important for the parents to get out and meet each other, says Habiba.

The adult members, who may live at home or in life sharing situations, also enjoy the get-together and sharing of information.

The outreach department provides an educational opportunity at the tea.

Because it’s cold and flu season, BACI wanted to promote hand washing, says Habiba.

Nurses attended with a hand-washing display and a machine that showed how thoroughly (or not) hands were washed.

There was also a display by the seniors’ centre of services available to the parents.

“Everyone that comes just loves this event,” says Habiba.

The tea is one of two planned by a senior committee at BACI.

“Everybody loved it. We have good feedback,” says Habiba.

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