Pierro finds work as laser engraver


Technical work, knowledge of design needed to fill job
Wednesday December 21, 2011 — Deb Bartlett

After looking for almost two years, the position as the laser engraver at BC Woodworks (The Grape Box) has been filled.

BC Woodworks is the social enterprise of Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI).

BACI’s manager for employment services Steve Withrington says Pierro, one of the people supported by the organization, has displayed the skills and aptitude needed to do the laser engraving at BC Woodworks.

Steve says the young man showed interest in the job and had skills that could be developed.

“It’s absolutely fabulous because we’ve been looking for somebody to step in and pick up some of that work for nearly two years,” says Steve.

Pierro has been working at BC Woodworks on a four-week trial period and “has been able to develop the skills really quickly, and he’s doing extremely well,” says Steve.

He says it had been difficult to find someone to do the laser engraving, even on a casual basis.

“It’s really technical work,” he says.

“We needed somebody that had a really good understanding, and was comfortable using CorelDraw,” a graphic design program, says Steve.

Pierro also showed an aptitude for numbers, and could set up the machine and understand the layout of what was to be engraved on the wood products.

He also has to know how to operate the laser engraver.

Pierro is now working two shifts per week at paid employment.

Steve says his department’s employment specialists are working with a couple of other people at BC Woodworks, and those people could become paid employees in the new year.

People seeking paid employment get two- to six-week work experience contracts. At the end of that period, there is a review and a decision is made about whether the person is suitable for an ongoing, paid position.

Another person supported by BACI has a placement on the WORKCREW until February, and may find paid employment after that work experience contract ends.

To comment on this story, or to share your employment success story, contact Deb at 800-294-0051, ext. 30, or e-mail deb(at)axiomnews.ca.


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