Celebrating innovation in 2011


Innovative intranet tool trials, confidence-building courses, awards and microboards make a difference
Friday December 23, 2011 — Ryan Rogers

Ask anyone around the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI), and they’ll tell you the association is known for its fantastic celebrations.

Hosting big inclusive events like the Summer Kick-Off and Halloween parties illustrate BACI’s commitment to celebration — and the organization celebrated its commitment to innovation over the past year, as well.

BACI, in association with posAbilities, presented the Big Picture Award Oct. 14 to executive director of the Vela Microboard Association Linda Perry for overseeing and supporting hundreds of microboards across British Columbia.

The microboards help assemble committed groups of family and friends to create a small non-profit society to address the planning and support needs of a person who has a disability. The boards must be comprised of members in a close, voluntary and committed relationship with the person for whom the board is created.

The boards are as close to individualized funding as it gets.

Finding innovative opportunities that aren’t dependent on government funding is a key goal of the Community Living Innovation Venture, which BACI joined aiming to develop ideas that ensure full citizenship of all people.

BACI is part of the network of organizations united to foster an innovative environment with the ambitions of creating increased inclusion, belonging and citizenship for people with developmental disabilities that don’t result in service delivery.

Innovative tools and strategies are being applied at BACI to meet that goal.

An intranet assessment tool piloted by BACI team members was adopted to enhance person-centred supports through a series of individualized questions. The tool captures an individual’s personal history, strengths and preferences to bring information together.

The tool provides an illustration of the person receiving supports, and their progress towards reaching their goals.

An innovative group strategy called Simple Steps to Healthy Relationships is taking an innovative approach to helping develop and maintain meaningful and healthy interactions with others.

Through relaxation and communications exercises, the participants were honest with their feelings and the difficulties they might have in relationships. Addressing these insecurities helps build self-esteem and confidence.

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