Back care training will be offered to people in social businesses


DMI session content will be presented by employment specialists
Tuesday January 31, 2012 — Deb Bartlett

A tailor-made session on back care training was recently offered to people working in the social enterprises of Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI).

Manager for employment services Steve Withrington says the Disability Management Institute (DMI) delivered training to a small group of people who work in a number of different social businesses.

DMI trains BACI residential staff too, but Steve says “I wanted them to look more particularly at the specific environments of our unionized and non-unionized social enterprise staff.”

Sessions were set up at a warehouse and packaging environment, at a truck on the loading bay and at a lawnmower.

“It (the training) was much more specific than the back care that would have been delivered to the residential group of staff, who are moving and handling people, and transferring from one chair to a wheelchair or into a bath,” says Steve.

The employment specialists working in his department also attended, and they will recreate a back care training session for the non-unionized people working in the social enterprises.

Steve says about 45 people who receive support from BACI work in the organization’s social businesses, and those people are supported to work safely.

“Back care is key,” says Steve.

DMI’s presentation allowed the presenter to “teach the teachers to teach,” says Steve.

The employment specialists work with the 50 or more people who are looking for work, he says.

Before the people on the caseload are ready for supported employment, the employment specialists run pre-employment curriculum on resumes, tracking time, how to present oneself for work, personal health and hygiene, how to work in a group, and flexibility.

The back care training will add to the resources available to employment specialists.

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