BACI using social media to advance inclusion


Staff attending Spectrum Society’s Social Media for Social Innovation event Feb. 8
Tuesday February 7, 2012 — Camille Jensen

What if there was a tool that allowed people to review and share the accessibility of buildings in Metro Vancouver?

Lisa Joy Trick, the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion’s (BACI) manager of technology, says such a tool is already being used in New York City, and is one example of how social media can be powerful for advancing inclusion.  It’s the example that she plans to share at an upcoming event for people interested in using social media for social innovation Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Hosted by the Spectrum Society for Community Living, the day-long event aims to bring together the many organizations supporting people who have a disability to explore who is using social media and how collaboration can help the agencies achieve shared goals.

Lisa Joy says BACI sees potential in this approach, which she describes as co-creating with other organizations. It’s an approach BACI is already pioneering, sharing news or events from other organizations on its Twitter and Facebook pages that could be of interest to the BACI community.

“That kind of cross-agency, working together collaboration is really neat, and I feel like Twitter and Facebook allows us to amplify what else is happening in other organizations,” says Lisa Joy.

Thirteen organizations have already registered to attend the social media day, demonstrating the interest of taking a sector-wide approach, says Aaron Johannes, the Spectrum Society’s director of research, training and development.

“The responsiveness to it has just been really amazing and it just shows how interested people are in the whole idea — partly in the idea of social media but partly in the idea of getting together and figuring out better ways to network” he says.

Events run from noon to 8 p.m. starting with a leader’s lunch for agency representatives to explore the viability of creating an inter-agency social media plan or shared milestones.

From 1:30 on, all presentations are open to community members. Some of the highlights include a presentation by Rivera Design creative director Elena Rivera MacGregor, who designed the 2010 Olympics logo. Elena will be leading a session on the importance of branding.

Co-founders of Broadreach Training and Resources Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift will be sharing ways their organization, which supports individuals with disabilities and their families, is using social media for education and training.

An evening session will introduce families and individuals to social media, and discuss ways they can interact using Spectrum Society’s new website.

To learn more about Social Media for Social Innovation, click here.

You can follow event sessions on Twitter, by entering the hashtag #whatsahashtag.

Join BACI on Facebook or Twitter to receive news and stories about the organization and its members.

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