Join BACI at WAM opening gala


BACI proud to support Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture
Tuesday March 20, 2012 — Camille Jensen

The Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) is organizing the Wide Angle Media (WAM) Gala Screening and Reception this Friday at Vancouver’s Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre.

There are still pay-what-you-can tickets available for the opening night that celebrates the first film festival in British Columbia to feature filmmakers who have a disability.

The evening will see the screening of five winning commissioned premieres: Beauty School by writer/actor David Roche and director Adam Warren; Will by director Laurence Cohen and producer David Cormican; Sanity for Beginners by writer, director and actor Jan Derbyshire and producer Teri Snelgrove; Patience and Absurdity by writer, actor sylvi macCormac and producer Paula Cole; and Penguins by writer, director and producer Matthew Kowalchuk.

The screenings will take just over an hour and will be followed with a question-and-answer period with the filmmakers.

Carol Broomhall, BACI’s senior manager of communications and resource development, says BACI is thrilled to be helping host the gala and co-produce WAM, which advances inclusion and inspires more people who have a disability to share their perspectives and experience.  

“The more understanding of the range of experiences and abilities (we have), the better,” Carol earlier told the BACI Blast.

She adds BACI is also “huge fans” of WAM’s producer, Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture, having enjoyed a close relationship with the organization over the years. Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture has shared office space with BACI, and facilitated digital filmmaking initiatives for BACI’s teen summer program.

For the past two years, BACI and Kickstart have co-sponsored a film at the Vancouver Film Festival that raises awareness around issues of disability.

“We really appreciate the work that they do and the innovative artists that they support and help exhibit their craft,” says Carol.

To learn more about this weekend’s WAM festival, click here.
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