Community Living Ontario asks what’s next?


Provincial association’s news series to embark on exploration of critical issues
Camille Jensen

Community Living Ontario is empowering its news service Community Living Leaders to investigate the possibilities and challenges of two critical issues facing the developmental services sector: what’s next for the movement and aging families.

Both series launched May 30, and involve in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, and ongoing blogs by journalists throughout the discovery process. The exploration will culminate in long-form journalism pieces discussing the subjects at length. A video companion piece is also being discussed.

Community Living Ontario’s What’s Next series acknowledges that more than 50 years of hard work by families and supporters have met some success in creating more inclusive communities, but more work needs to be done.

How that work will be done is the looming question, and the series will target provincial associations to learn what they’re doing, or planning to do, in the face of limited budgets and decreasing government.

For the investigation on the needs of aging families, Community Living Ontario’s news program will engage families in in-depth conversations on questions like what issues concern aging families the most? What are the pathways they’re choosing and what are the threats and vulnerabilities that come with those choices? What kinds of changes could be most helpful to them? What are the best routes to those changes?

The project is intended to catalyze constructive responses to the issues, assets available, and catalyze changes as a result of the report and the engagement of community in its making.

Axiom News will be conducting the story research and facilitating social media conversation on behalf of Community Living Ontario. Axiom’s CEO Peter Pula says he feels a sense of urgency in regards to the series.

“With this deeper way of engaging people and diving into tough questions our goal is to be a support to those who hold out the greatest hope for the future,” says Peter.

“Our hope is to discover new leaders and amplify their successes for the benefit of anyone interested in getting involved.”

You can follow the Community Living Ontario exploration and conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and the Community Living Ontario website.

To read the first blog from the aging families series, click here.  For another blog from this series, click here.

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