Sharing ‘synapse fire’ of families


BACI Blast wants to lift up seminal moments in families’ lives
Tuesday May 15, 2012 — Michelle Strutzenberger

When Gillian Chernets considers the future of her adult daughters who have a disability, she says she feels at peace, knowing the lifetime circles she’s helped create will support them whether she’s around or not.

The Ontario resident says she can’t imagine any other life for people who have a disability, especially those who no longer have close family on hand.

Hearing the story of how she came to create these circles might spark something new for others in a similar situation.

It is stories of this nature the BACI Blast is hoping to share in the coming weeks, based on conversations with families.

“It is through these stories that BACI hopes to tap into the wisdom and insights of families that can serve as a helping hand to (others),” says Fraser Wilson, president of Axiom News, the organization delivering the BACI Blast publication.

He adds the new series is part of a larger objective to begin weaving in stories that are more intentional, helpful and resourceful.

BACI senior manager of communications and resource development Carol Broomhall notes the people BACI supports and their families “are at the heart” of the organization’s focus on working together to help individuals reach for their dreams and build better lives.

“We hope that family members will take this opportunity to share with us the stories of their journey with their loved one with a disability, and the successes and challenges along the way,” says Carol.

Questions families might want to consider as they think about sharing their stories include: What was your own family’s seminal moment that helped you overcome a barrier? What “synapse fire” or instance of insight and/or inspiration brought you to a something new that in turn yielded new resolve, peace or elevated outcomes?

We would be very interested in connecting with families to explore the sharing of their stories. If you would like to talk more about how to go about doing this, please feel free to contact Carol by e-mailing carol.broomhall(at), or Michelle at michelle(at)

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