Vancouver airport reps inspired by BACI group’s passion


Communications dept. creates ‘plane spotting’ pamphlet to help group enjoy their visit
Tuesday May 29, 2012 — Michelle Strutzenberger

A chance encounter on the Vancouver SkyTrain has led to outcomes several Vancouver airport representatives and some people connected to the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI) never anticipated.

The airport reps have been inspired, the BACI group has a new learning tool and certainly the warmth and friendliness rating in the community has just gone up a notch.

It all started with Vancouver Airport Authority communications director Rebecca Catley taking an extra few moments to make a friendly comment to the group on one of their weekly trips to the airport several weeks ago, just as they were disembarking from the SkyTrain.

Through that conversation, she learned just how passionate the three — including adult support worker Bev Beaton and the two men the association works with — feel about plane spotting.

Every Friday, unless she’s been pulled away to other programs, Bev and the two others spend the afternoon watching the air birds glide in and lift off.

Speaking for the communications department, communications specialist Brenda Longland notes the Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR) is always on the lookout for new opportunities to reach out to the community.

“Our mandate of accessibility for individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities encourages us to find new ways to make visits to YVR better,” says Brenda.

“When we met this group that was so passionate about YVR and had made our airport a regular part of their activities, we were inspired by their enthusiasm.”

At Bev’s inquiry, Rebecca agreed to look into creating some sort of document that would help the three better identify the vehicles of the sky.

She engaged her communications department in putting something together and now, several weeks later, the three have in their hands a “plane-spotting” pamphlet offering a new way for them to enjoy their visit at the airport.

The pamphlet has now been made available to other visitors so they can hone their air traffic knowledge as well.

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