Accessible media firm discovers synergy with BACI


Both orgs committed to economic inclusion, accessibility
Thursday June 21, 2012 — Michelle Strutzenberger

It was another instance of those chance opportunities that somebody leaps on. John Harris had a set of news stories cross his desk and decided to contact the publishers to express his thanks and mention they had sparked  inspiration for his own work as producer of a Vancouver-based accessible news agency.

The stories were from the BACI Blast, and now, thanks to John’s initiative, there is a new connection between the Accessible Media Inc. television (AMI-tv) division and the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI).

John is planning to run his own news stories with some of the people the BACI Blast originally storied.

John Harris

He says he sees a synergy between the organizations that goes beyond that coverage, though, especially in the commitment both have to supporting the economic inclusion of people who have a disability.

John points to BACI’s employment services program and AMI-tv’s corps of TV reporters with disabilities as an example of this commitment.

He notes stats suggest people who have a disability are just as, or possibly more, employable than the general population.

”The only companies that suffer in terms of hiring workers with disabilities are firms that don’t hire them,” he says.

Both organizations’ interest in accessibility is another point of synergy, according to John. AMI-tv’s entire mandate is accessibility to media, both to consumers of media and those interested in delivering it.

“All these synergies combine in communicating our mutual goals: to create thriving communities of inclusion and belonging,” he concludes.

John works with a videographer and a team of five reporters to build news reports for AMI-tv’s national network.

To learn more about AMI-tv, click here.

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