Celebrating diversity, inclusion at annual BACI ball


Looking ahead to children’s services fundraiser
Kristian Partington

In the heart of Vancouver’s urban core rests an abandoned Asian movie house that’s been converted into a contemporary private event facility.
Billed as a modern, state-of-the-art venue to host intimate events in modern Vancouver, District 319 will host the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion and guests during its annual BACI Ball fundraiser for children with disabilities.

Last year, more than $28,000 was raised during the event, which this year will feature live music, art, a silent-live auction, fine food and cocktails under the theme, Global Fusion.

All proceeds from the gala evening will directly benefit children’s programs at BACI – programs like physiotherapy for infants with disabilities, and other life-changing supports.

In discussing last year’s event, BACI executive director Richard Faucher alluded to the expanding reach of the inclusion conversation.

“If we want to solve our social problems, we’re going to need to collaborate, and not just in the social service sector, we’re going to have to expand to bring everybody to the table to talk about inclusion in a different way,” he said.

In the heart of one of the world’s most diverse cities, the Nov. 16 BACI Ball: Global Fusion is meant as a celebration of collaboration and diversity, and a cornerstone fundraiser supporting children’s programs at BACI, such as physiotherapy for infants with disabilities and the Infant Development Program (IDP).

Of the IDP, Sommer Fetherstonhaugh spoke to the gathered audience last year, describing the difference it made in the life of her family after her son, Sam, was born with Down syndrome, leaving her and her husband, Colin, feeling uninformed and unprepared.

It was the IDP that helped them navigate the uncertainty they faced: from simple things like finding a dentist or an appropriate playground to providing speech-therapy services and sign-language learning material.

“What IDP did for us is it gave us the information, the resources, the contacts and support Sam needed, and that we needed so we could feel confident and help Sam strive to be the best that he could be,” Sommer told the crowd.

“Early intervention is so important, and I’m here to tell you that it’s working.”

BACI is looking for musicians and artists who are interested in collaborating and offering their talents to support for the event. For more information visit www.baciball.com.  


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